The Case For Kasich Over Cruz

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Make America Great Again?

For a guy who has made his mantra “Make America Great Again,” Donald Trump sure profits a lot by manufacturing his goods outside of the country he desires to make great again. From ties to suits to woman clothing, much of Trump’s products are manufactured in the country he regularly criticizes; China! There is no question there is a shortage of manufacturing jobs in this country, but you don’t fix that problem by making more items in China and Mexico.

For those who desire to be informed before voting, you can read more about what Trump manufactures in China by clicking here. The photos below are also worth a thousand words.CHoYbfOWwAE2eCO[1]


























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The Adult On Stage

In recent months I have been keeping my nose out of politics. Yet, no matter how hard I try I can never really turn it off completely. I love politics and I probably always will. Best to just say it’s a love/hate kind of thing.

With regards to the 2016 Presidential race I have been so turned off by much of what has been going on I haven’t even watched the debates. Though I have watched some highlights online and have listened to the political commentary on the radio.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been taking a closer look at John Kasich. He knows how Washington works having served in Congress 18 years. He also has executive experience as Governor of Ohio where he has a real positive record of growth. And he has been successful out of government in the private sector as well.

Tonight I decided to finally tune in and watch an entire Republican debate. In my opinion John Kasich looked the most presidential and rose above the shenanigans. He was the adult on stage with real answers and solutions. And while he delivered his answers, he did not sound like a wishy-washy politician nor a brash and offensive billionaire. Is he the most “entertaining”? No, perhaps not, but I do not want an entertaining president, I want a serious leader who will accomplish positive things!

Regardless of what one might think of Ronald Reagan as President and his politics, the one thing everyone can agree on was the man was presidential and he had class. He brought a level of respectably to the White House. And he got along with people, yes, even those across the isle like Tip O’Neill. He was a thoughtful man that cared about America and its people. The closet to this in my opinion out of the current group of candidates is John Kasich, who also happened to be an ally of President Reagan when he served in Congress.

This is why I am happy to support him for president. Should Gov. Kasich hang in there until New Jersey gets a chance to vote, I will proudly cast mine for him. I encourage you all to consider doing the same. Or at a minimum, please take a serious look at the man.

Kasich 4 Us


*It’s currently late and I’m tired so pardon any typos I might not have picked up on.

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Obama, Balling With Your Tax Dollars Since 2008

Obama The Baller

For years the haters of George W. Bush bitched and cried about the maaaaaaany vacations he took during his presidency. It was a constant complaint from his critics. Yet, the vast majority of those vacations were to his ranch home in Crawford, TX. But what about President Obama who has been balling with our tax dollars since 2008?

It seems to me liberals have been dead silent on The Obama Family’s lavish vacations taken year in, year out. Trips that Judicial Watch states since 2008 have cost the American tax payers over $70 million (that we know of thus far). Yes, every president is entitled to some down time with his family, but a 17-day vacation in Hawaii leading up  to Christmas is a bit much. Pleasure trips to Spain by the First Lady where she has public beaches closed for her large entourage of family and friends is a bit much.

Also worth noting here is the Obama’s lengthy Christmas vacations to Hawaii keeps dozens, if not hundreds, of staff and Secret Service personnel away from their families during the holiday season, all so the Obamas can live the dream in the Paradise of the Pacific. This is the direct opposite of what Obama’s predecessor did, as Bush 43 would not start his vacation until AFTER Christmas on the 26th so all his staff, etc. could be home with their loved ones for the holidays. That it was selfless leadership looks like and it shows W for the classy president he really was.

For more on Obama’s million dollar baller vacations click here.

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Don’t Support Planned Parenthood Blindly

When did being pro-woman’s health trump ethical and humane behavior in this country? We have people in America who blindly support Planned Parenthood (PP) even after NUMEROUS undercover videos have come out by the Center for Medical Progress which show senior officials within the organization plotting the different ways to harvest fetal tissue and body parts from aborted babies for profit. Granted, there has been a blackout in the mainstream media as they refuse to show any of the videos on television. If you support PP, but have not watched any of the videos then here is your chance to see them with clear eyes.

Just because PP provides healthcare related support to woman beyond the realm of abortions does not negate the fact that they have grossly unethical, and possibly illegal, practices being carried out by senior officials – MANY OF WHOM ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOCTORS. For example, one video shows PP doctor Deborah Nucatola, senior Director of Medical Services, eating food and sipping a glass of wine while nonchalantly discussing the selling of aborted babies’ body parts. This is a real video and you can watch it by clicking here.

In another video you can see PP Federation of America’s Medical Director’s Council President, Dr. Mary Gatter, also discuss the selling of fetal body parts. In this video she makes this shocking comment: “Let me just figure out what others are getting, and if this is in the ballpark, then it’s fine if it’s still low, then we can bump it up,” finally adding, “I want a Lamborghini.” Again, this is a real video and you can watch it by clicking here.

To the people who say the videos were “doctored” what proof or halfway decent argument has been offered to back that up? If the burden of proof always lies with the person doing the accusing, and the proof is then provided in 10 different undercover videos, then it’s up to PP to refute the videos with something a little more than, oh, those were doctored, pay them no mind. No, there’s 10 videos, and we are going to pay them mind!

If those two videos don’t cut it for you, there are another 8 you can watch by clicking here. Like the video Carly Fiorina referenced in the CNN debate on Sept. 16th when she said,

“Anyone who has watched this video tape, I dare Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, to watch these tapes. Watch a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking, while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.”

I’ve seen the video Fiorina referenced during the CNN debate, I saw the baby in the dish with his/her leg moving — it’s real. Fiorina has since felt the scorn from woman on the left, while attending an event in Iowa Fiorina had condoms thrown at her by PP paid protesters. What class on the left.

Bottom line, PP is currently under criminal investigation, and until that business concludes, people should not support them blindly. Watch the videos, and then ask yourself is what you see right, ethical, decent, humane, and, American? Then ask yourself do your really support an organization that seeks to harvest baby parts and fetal tissue for profit.

Cartoon By Michael Ramirez For IBD - Follow Him On Twitter @RamirezToons

Cartoon By Michael Ramirez For IBD – Follow on Twitter @RamirezToons

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Death By Stampede

Islam, also known as the religion of peace, is such a peaceful religion that when the seriously devout gather for the annual pilgrimage to Mecca known as the Hajj, they literally trample to death their own people. According to CNN more than 450 people were killed and over 719 were injured as this year’s Hajj season comes to an end. According to Wall Street Journal Saudi correspondent Ahmed Al Omran the death toll is actually at 717 dead now.

Two quick points I want to share:

  • As my boss and I discussed these current events while grabbing our morning coffee he noted that death by stampede is actually a regular occurrence during the Hajj. For example, in 1990 1426 people died in a horrific stampede.
  • An interesting contrast to take note of, to date no people have been trampled to death at any of the locations Pope Francis has visited in his present voyage.



*Updated 9/25/2015 to add additional source.

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Drill, Baby, Drill?

In the presidential campaign of 2008 the mantra started by Sarah Palin was “Drill, baby, drill.” Liberal Democrats were foaming at the mouth over it. They hated Palin with a passion for stating what many felt was logical. And that is rather than buy oil from countries in the Middle East who hate our guts, we should make use of the natural resources we have here in America.

Fast forward to present day: Obama Administration Approves Arctic Drilling Plan.

My buddy Ron Sparks echoes my sentiments perfectly:

“‘Drill baby Drill’….
Funny how when Palin said this, the typical leftist environmentalists made fun of and chastised her, but now their holy messiah is waving their cult like devotion to hypocrisy around for everyone to see.”


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The Case Against Hillary Clinton Told In Political Cartoons

This gallery contains 20 photos.

When it comes to making the case against Hillary Clinton I feel any of the words that I could pen would fall on deaf ears when it comes to her supporters. This is a woman who stands for absolutely nothing, … Continue reading

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FACT: The Simpsons Would Never Poke Fun At Muhammad

The favorite religion-punching bag in present day America is Christianity/Jesus Christ. I’ve written about this before. The mainstream media and the entertainment industry never has any qualms about mocking Jesus or sharing content that mocks Jesus. And sadly most people today simply overlook it as it’s done – they’ve become numb to Jesus mocking. As The Rebel TV points out a recent episode of The Simpsons mocked Jesus (again), and it is this exact kind of mocking in primetime TV over the years why so many have become numb to it.

Note to Hollywood writers, you are not brave by mocking Jesus Christ. It’s far too easy, and, quite frankly, nothing new. You want to be brave, do what you did in the below using Muhammad as your whipping boy, not Jesus. But we all know you won’t because you’re cowards. So go on and keep getting your laughs at the expense of one of the greatest men to ever walk the Earth and ignore the “prophet” who had countless people killed regularly by the sword and took a mere child as his bride. We expect nothing less from you.

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Fight Of The Century Or Just A Blah Victory?

As someone who has enjoyed watching the sport of boxing for many years now, I have never disputed Floyd Mayweather Jr’s genius inside the ring nor his legacy to the sport. While some fight fans may not like Mayweather’s cockiness, most acknowledge his many accomplishments as a prizefighter. 

Last night Mayweather further cemented his legacy by unanimously beating Manny Pacquiao and improving his record to 48 – 0. But did the “Fight Of The Century” live up to its massive hype? Was the 5-6 year wait worth it in the end? To answer that question I defer to Iron Mike Tyson:
Mayweather is a defensive genius and an effective counter-puncher with blinding speed, but he also skates around the ring a lot too. His victory last night was just blah in my opinion and nothing to write home about. I say this because it was Floyd who was making the claim that he wouldn’t just beat Manny, but actually stop him. This didn’t even come close to happening.

And for a guy who regularly refers to himself as the best ever, Floyd didn’t win in a fashion that many greats before him won their big fights. For example, in 1974 when George Foreman and Muhammad Ali fought The Rumble In The Jungle, Ali beat the then undisputed heavyweight champion by knockout in the 8th round.

When Oscar De La Hoya beat legend Julio Cesar Chavez in 1996 he did so by TKO in the 4th round, and a second TKO in the 8th round of their rematch two years later. Sadly, Floyd’s style doesn’t make for such fights. There were a few points last night where Pacquio was literally chasing Mayweather around the ring. Don’t get me wrong, the man who calls himself “Money” did occasionally stand and trade, but he skated as well too and failed to stop Pacquiao like he boasted he would.

In the end Mayweather will go down in history as one of the greats. But he won’t be remembered as a champion who pleased the fans in the way that Champions like Ali, Tyson, and De La Hoya did. There will be many fight fans like myself who readily acknowledge him as the master defensive fighter he is, but also a fighter who played it safe when it counted most and delivering victories that were sometimes just blah.

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