Is The United Nations Bias Toward Israel?

You might be thinking to yourself, “Was this guy born in Jerusalem or something?”, due to a number of pro-Israel articles I have posted, but I was not.  I support Israel mainly for two reasons: They are a solid ally to the United States and because of the deep roots my Christian faith has in that great land.  It’s troubling to me to know this small country, roughly the size of New Jersey, is attacked in various ways from so many directions.  The leader of the Holocaust denying country, Iran, has openly stated he desires the annihilation of the Jewish State.  Hamas regularly talks about spilling Jewish blood like it’s no big deal.  And literally every neighboring country is hostile toward them to some degree or another.  The one entity you would think could aid them, stick up for them, or be a voice of reason on their behalf, is not.  While I’m sure the United Nations is a positive force in others ways around the world, with regards to Israel, they are no friend that is for sure.  After watching the following video ask yourself; is The United Nations bias toward Israel.


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